How do you clean a silver-black fox fur coat?

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The fur of the silver-black fox is highly appreciated for its unique natural coloring: the thick pubescence combines several shades – from dark grey at the base to snow-white in the middle and black at the top. Silver-black fur looks noble, spectacular and attractive, but it is the white part that gets dirty the fastest when wearing, and the fur acquires a yellowish shade, and the product itself begins to look untidy.

If your favorite fur coat has lost its original appearance, but the fur has no strong visible contaminants, you can clean it yourself. To return the freshness of silver-black fox fur at home, you can use simple improvised means. When processing fur it is important to follow the recommendations of experts, and use only safe, time-tested methods of fur cleaning.

Basic rules of fur treatment

There are several ways to clean your furry products, but no matter which way you choose, you must first carefully comb the fur with a special brush or comb, carefully untangling the dumped pile. If you choose the wet method of fur treatment, the cleaning composition should not wet the fur and get on the leather base – otherwise the skin may shrink and deform. When dry, it is important to completely remove the cleaner from the pile by carefully combing the fur.

Before starting the treatment, test the effect of the cleaning agent on a visible area of the fur or on the mowed pile.

Dry cleaning of the chernoburk at home

Dry cleaning not only removes dirt, but also removes yellow pile. If the product has acquired an unsightly yellowish shade, use it to clean it:

  • Shredded chalk or tooth powder. These cleaners are inexpensive, and their use is absolutely safe for fur. Apply the dry powder on the surface of the fur and gently rub it into the hair. After cleaning, completely remove the remaining absorbent, shake the product and brush it.
  • Baby powder, talcum powder or potato starch. The cleaning method remains the same – apply absorbent to the hair, spread it over the surface of the product, rub and remove it with a gentle brush.
  • Wheat bran or rice flour. Rice flour has a strong absorption capacity and helps to remove silver-black fox fur from the surface of the fatty dirt. When using cuts, they need to be preheated a little bit, and only after that start processing.

After cleaning the product should be dried in fresh air, avoiding direct sunlight.

How do I prevent the silver-black fox fur from yellowing?

To prevent the appearance of yellow spots on the product from the chernoburka is much easier than to remove them, so follow the advice of professional skinners, and your favorite thing for a long time will retain its original appearance:

  • Avoid getting on a pile of decorative, leaving cosmetics and perfumes – often components of perfumery and cosmetics become the reason of appearance of yellow spots on a fur.
  • Dry the product from a chernoburka on wide shoulders at room temperature in a dark, ventilated room, or better – do not get in a fur coat in the rain or snow.
  • Do not apply insecticide sprays directly to the surface of the fur – to protect against moths it is better to use special plates, and regularly treat the cloakroom or closet.
  • Store the fur coat in a textile cover, avoiding crushing and breaking the fur.

Adhering to these simple rules will help you to cope with the contamination of the fur, prevent its yellowing and keep a unique silver-black color for a long time.