About us

Dear friends! We’re ready to introduce you the youngest branch of agriculture — fur farming. Its history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Our fur farming is one of the ancestors and pioneers of the cellular breeding of fur animals. We had laid the foundations of domestic technologies, also developed new methods and techniques here. By the beginning of the 40s of the 20th century our enterprise has become the leadership of breeding of the country and a reliable supplier of high-quality furs. Now, our farm is a member of «The Agro-300 club». This club unites the 300 best agricultural enterprises of Russia. Throughout its history, «Saltykov’s furs» were highly-valued at competitions and exhibitions, leading us at All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh), repeatedly taking high prizes for quality and large size. A new breed of fur-bearing animals is introduced in the farm — «Saltykovsky Sable» — this is our special pride. We learned how to grow a gray-haired sable, it has a high demand at auctions. So “top lot” Saltykov sable with bright grey hair had sold in December 2007 at an auction in St. Petersburg — $2,600 for one skin. A herd of sables has high reproduction rates: the yield for a female is 2.5-2.9 puppies. In recent years, two populations in the animal husbandry of Russia have been formed from the youngsters of our «Saltykov sable». We have bred foxes since 1931. We have our own, «Saltykovsky» type of silver-black fox, distinguished by high fertility. Company also breed a Finnish silver-black fox, which is famous for its particularly large size, excellent quality of the pubescence and the original structure of the hairline. “Saltykovsky” is a gene pool for breeding a coloured fox. We breed a coloured fox with dominant colouring genes: platinum, snow, white-marbled. And also a fox with recessive colouring genes: colicott, burgundy, sapphire.
  • Size indicators of fox furs: 50% of furs of size 0 (90-95 cm) and longer.
  • Mink in the farm is bred in several colours: standard dark brown (SDB), wild (walnut), sapphire, palomino, black, mahogany, etc.
  • Size indicators of mink fur: 80% of size 00 (74-78 cm) and above. Saltykovsky is breeding Siberian lynx for 20 years.
We had created a unique technology of keeping and feeding such creations. Company gets a stable annual litter of lynx kittens. Also, we sell them to zoos, circuses, as well as fans of this species of animals. Thus, the results of our work are: the protection of natural population and reduction of hunting interest, which decreases year by year. In the breeding farm “Saltykovsky” we picked up the best modern technologies for breeding all kinds of fur animals. Using the computer program “Tribal selections” helps us make an effectively manage of the selection process on many species and animal’s colours.