Gutseriev & Maximova

The brand Gutseriev & Maximova is a joint project of one of the most powerful businessmen of Russia, an influential and powerful businessman Mikhail Gutseriev, and an expert in the field of fur, a talented designer, a master with tremendous experience, Vera Maximova. The future is for businesses that, in addition to resource wealth, are turning to the value of genuine craftsmanship and assert the power of Russian authenticity — claimed on both the domestic and the international market in the future. Site: E-mail: Tel.: +7 495 901-02-83

Atelier Fur Shop

Atelier Fur Shop produces tailoring and sale of high-quality fur products, such as: fur coats, fur coats, fur bags, sheepskin coats, fur coats, fur hats, boleros, scarves, mittens. We can buy a fur coat, buy a sheepskin coat, buy a bag of fur, scarves, choose your fur hat and other fur accessories. Site: E-mail: Tel.: +7 926 357-19-96, +7 495 704-05-51, +7 495 706-40-30, +7 495 706-40-31

Saltykovsky Furs

Our atelier of fur products has the opportunity to choose the best material first-hand, since we are located directly on the territory of the fur farm. Our workshops are equipped with modern equipment – this is just one of the advantages. But the main secret of success lies in the special creative atmosphere of the friendly team of the company. Sewing cost from 40,000 rubles. We also repair and block the coats of any complexity. Site: E-mail: Tel.: +7 (916) 053-90-83