Five myths about natural fur

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Five myths about natural fur
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Fur coat – is a truly status thing, desired for many people a gift and one of the most luxurious and elegant items in the wardrobe. Due to the high cost of fur garments, before buying a fur coat, customers want to learn as much as possible about the properties of the fur, its advantages and disadvantages, trying to protect themselves from buying low-quality fur and counterfeit products. Often information about fur comes to customers from unreliable sources. In order not to get caught in the tricks of unscrupulous sellers, it is worth knowing about the most popular myths associated with natural fur and fur products:

1. Auction fur – quality fur.

Fur auctions are a popular platform for the wholesale sale of fur. It is there that fur skins of the highest quality and elite fur skins are sold. However, they also sell lower quality furs there: the buyer chooses the product he is interested in and can buy fur of any grade.

2. Fur can “molt” and make up.

High-quality fur is characterized by shiny, elastic and soft hair, which is firmly attached to the skin. A natural phenomenon may be considered to be the loss of a few hair follicles in the first days after the purchase of a fur coat. However, a strong moulting of fur is a signal that it is better to return the coat to the seller: otherwise, you risk getting a pretty “half-heavy” product by the end of the season. Fur is considered to be of the highest quality due to its natural colouring, and adherence to all technological processes during the dyeing of fur guarantees stability and durability of the finished product colour.

3. Wet fur coat dryer.

Even if you are caught in heavy rain in the fur coat, you should not dry it with a hair dryer! Under the influence of high temperatures, the structure of the fur changes, its hair becomes duller and more brittle, and mezdra – sits down and coarser. Professional furriers recommend to dry a fur product, hanging it on the shoulders, shaking it carefully and removing excess moisture.

4. Buying fur coats on the market – a real opportunity to save money.

In the market with a certain proportion of luck really can buy a good coat, but here you will not get any guarantees from the seller, and in the event of detection of a marriage it will be impossible to file a claim. Currently, the law provides for mandatory chipping of fur with the indication of the manufacturer, and if you do not find such a chip – then you are dealing with a falsification. Also, it is not uncommon for old fur coats to be sold on the market, which have been given a more tidy and presentable look. In addition, in the market it is impossible to comply with the conditions of interseasonal storage, on which depends the safety and quality of the fur product.

One of the options to save money is to buy fur in the farm and sewing fur coats in the studio. In addition to saving you will get a fur coat, individually sewn on your figure.

5. It is more profitable to buy a fur coat at the winter sale.

Fur product – a product of seasonal demand, the peak sales fall on the winter months, often buy furs as a gift for the New Year and Christmas holidays. That is why, guided by high demand, sellers often overstate the cost of furs at the winter sale. If you go to buy a fur coat profitable – postpone the purchase until spring or summer, then you can really save money. And also watch for discounts on tailoring fur coats at the studio.

The Saltykovsky farm offers discounts of up to 30% until the end of September – a good opportunity to buy fur and sew a fur coat before the cold weather.

To buy a quality fur product – do not hesitate to thoroughly examine the fur and ask the seller questions you are interested in!