An anniversary of the “Saltykovsky” breeding farm. 85 years of excellent work!

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Today, just few of the modern Russian enterprises can boast of 85 years of work, so the anniversary of the “Saltykovsky” zoo is really a landmark event! For already 85 years this enterprise worked, not in the easiest economic conditions. Planned economy of the Soviet Union, restructuring, hard years of economic crisis, a decline of the agriculture — all these periods a fur farm have been experienced, fully retaining the profile of its activities.
Currently, the “Saltykovsky” is a successful fur farm, operating on the principles of humane treatment of animals, environmental care, social responsibility, flexible pricing and multi-stage quality control of the products. In recent years, in addition to the main direction of its activities, the animal farm has organized on its territory a real zoo, in which children and adults can see dozens of wild and domesticated animal species.

Contact zoo — sometimes it’s the only way for urban children to communicate closely with fauna, learn about their habits and habitat. Many years of experience and use of modern technologies for growing a fur animal, allows employees of the animal husbandry to receive raw materials of the highest quality. Furriers from all over the country come here to buy a truly luxurious fur. Many breeds of a fur-bearing animal have been deduced by experts of a fur farm, for the quality of a fur speaks for itself. Our enterprise experts will always help select high-quality raw materials for fur coats, accurately calculate fur consumption, offer original styles for the future product and give professional recommendations for fur care.

One of the country’s oldest fur enterprises, the “Saltykovsky” fur farm, continues to develop dynamically and work for the benefit of its customers. We wish it further prosperity and new anniversary dates!