Fox Fur Соат — Select City Amazons

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Natural fox fur is a raw material with a long nap, a delicate pad and a wide range of noble red shades. Fox fur is very warm, practical, durable and extremely effective. Fox clothes are preferred by bright, self-confident women who value their individuality and style. Due to the special plasticity, the fur is softly draped, emphasizing the beauty of the female figure, and allowing the woman to look elegant, noble and respectable.

Among the variety of long-fur furs, fox fur is distinguished by excellent heat-saving properties, ability to protect from penetrating wind and dampness. In conditions of high humidity, fox fur becomes more fluffy, which means it warms the owner of fur clothing even better. In addition, the fox fur is affordable: the affordable cost of fox clothing allows you to have several stylish items in your wardrobe to look original and elegant every day. Fox fur has a high wear resistance: a long elastic pile does not tangle and does not fall down. Even with intensive use, clothes retain a presentable appearance: with systematic home care, you will not need dry cleaning services for a very long time.

Fox Fur Varieties

Fox fur is characterized by a rich palette of natural shades and does not require toning. The wild fox fishery is very limited, but the achievements of selection of Russian and foreign fur farms made it possible to obtain fur with improved properties and stable color. Depending on the breeding, the raw material may have a different pile length and density pad. Thus, the American fox is distinguished by a long and tough pile, the Russian fox has a pile of medium length, in appearance very similar to the fur of a wild animal. The fox from Norway has the warmest, thickest fur with a long pile, the Finnish fox is variegated in color, the fur resembles bird plumage, and the most original designer products are sewn from such raw materials.

A fur coat for a woman is not just a utilitarian outerwear: it is a symbol of femininity, elegance, status and wealth. The fox fur coat has all the advantages of status fur clothing, while helping you to be dynamic and modern. Light fur does not hinder movement, allows you to live at an active pace, be in the thick of things and always look great. The fox fur coat is in harmony with the business wardrobe and casual wear, and under the spotlight it reveals in all the splendor of noble fur. Long elegant fur coat, trendy vest, spectacular tippet or a stylish park with fox fur – what will you choose in the new season?