What are the properties of the fur that are important to the consumer?

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What are the properties of the fur that are important to the consumer?
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Professional furriers and furriers evaluate the quality of fur and fur semi-finished products on the basis of a whole list of parameters, and what properties of fur are important for the average buyer? Most often the consumer chooses a fur product according to its weight, wear resistance, thickness of the hair, stuffiness of the fur and objective value of raw materials. It is these characteristics that determine how warm, functional, durable and beautiful a fur garment will be.

Heat-saving properties of fur

Every buyer of a fur product wants to make the thing as warm and warm as possible in the strongest frosts. Heat-protective properties of the finished fur coat depend on the fur of which animal it is sewn – the density and length of the hair of the animal, as well as the method of fur dressing.

Wear resistance of fur

The indicator of high quality of fur raw materials is its resistance to stalling and resistance to various mechanical influences. Different wear resistance of fur and fur products is determined by the characteristics of animal hair.

Wear resistance of fur coat directly affects how long your fur coat will look tidy, presentable, and protect you from frost and wind. Wear-resistant fur does not shed, does not adhere and does not change its color. Fur sock is not only determined by the natural properties of fur, but also largely depends on the technology of dressing and further processing. However, regardless of the method of processing, all fur raw materials are classified according to the degree of wear – the data on the wear resistance of fur is obtained experimentally. There are several tables showing the wear resistance of each fur type: all fur types are divided into 5 large groups, where the first group corresponds to the most nosy fur, and the last group contains furs with the worst indicators of strength. According to these tables, the strongest and most durable fur is considered to be beaver’s fur, otter’s fur, seal fur, and the worst in terms of wear resistance – hare’s fur, mole’s fur, marmot’s fur.

If you want to buy a quality, good quality fur garment that will please you for several seasons, but it is worth choosing furs from the first group. Acutely fashionable fur garment can be made of less fur toe. Trendy things quickly lose their relevance, so the toe of fur in this case – not the most important parameter of choice.

How does the fur and the technology of its dressing affect the wearing of a furry product?

The strength and durability of fur raw materials is directly affected by the fur treatment technology. The fur of natural shades has the greatest strength and wear resistance, while dyeing worsens the strength of the fur by 10-20%. Fur with a natural length of hair is the warmest but longest pile requires more careful care and after several years of wearing it may look untidy. Therefore, a cut fur is preferable if you want to wear fur for several seasons.

The sockiness of the fur also depends on the type of fur: the fur of the same type, but with different sorts of fur, it can be twice as durable. The best varieties of fur are used for sewing the best quality products, and low-grade fur is used in production only by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Value and aesthetic beauty of fur raw materials

In addition to the performance characteristics, consumers appreciate the fur from a visual point of view: the shine of the hair, the original color of the fur, the spectacular shade of raw materials is highly valued by buyers. From the point of view of visual aesthetics, the most valuable is the fur of chinchilla, silver-black fox, as well as sable and many others.

When choosing a fur product of great importance play all the characteristics of fur – its strength, lightness, plasticity, color, visual beauty, because the fur thing is the best way to demonstrate your taste and high status!