What do you know about fox fur?

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In Russia, fox fur has always been considered a valuable hunting trophy: luxurious fur coats, boyar hats were made of skins, fur was highly valued for its bright natural color, long pile and thick underfoot. At present, the wild fox fishery has almost ceased, and the best fur for tailoring is supplied by fur farms of Canada, Russia, Finland and the USA.
The red fox is widespread in the wild and massively raised in captivity. Fox fur is an ideal material for sewing fur coats, hats, spectacular stoles and vests. Fur fox looks decorative in its natural color, it is also easy to tint. The fur has a long soft nap, so that it warms perfectly in the most severe frosts. The silver fur of the silver fox looks even more decorative – even in unpainted form, it looks incredibly impressive, and the clothes of silver fox always attracts attention. Fur of arctic fox, or polar fox, is distinguished by a snow-white shade and a particularly thick pile.

The fox fur coat is a truly status thing, emphasizing the elegance and delicate taste of its owner. Following the fashion trends, the designers of fur clothing offer buyers products from fox fur, painted in the current colors of the season – blue, emerald, pink, delicate powdery shades. A bolero or a fox stole will be able to harmoniously complement an outfit for a festive outing, a fox fur coat will undoubtedly come in handy in extreme cold, and a fashionable vest – in the cold season. Products from first-class fox fur are labeled in a special way, which allows them to be distinguished from low-grade goods.