Gutseriev & Maximova

Gutseriev & Maximova The brand Gutseriev & Maximova is a joint project of one of the most powerful businessmen of Russia, an influential and powerful businessman Mikhail Gutseriev, and an expert in the field of fur, a talented designer, a master with tremendous experience, Vera Maximova. In a difficult period, accompanied by some isolation from the outside world that Russia is experiencing today, it is important to find a new pride of the nation, a new hero. The strength of the new time is determined not only by access to resources. Reasonableness, education and intelligence are becoming new attributes of success and new Russianness. The future is for businesses that, in addition to resource wealth, are turning to the value of genuine craftsmanship and assert the power of Russian authenticity — claimed on both the domestic and the international market in the future. Site: E-mail: Tel.: +7 495 901-02-83

Addresses of shops:

  • Office and production: Cow shaft, 1a p. 2, +7 495 901 02 83
  • Shop in Moscow: st. Petrovka, 18/2
  • Shop in St. Petersburg: st. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 14
  • Store in Sochi: GK Rosa Khutor, nab. Lavender, 3
  • Store in Sochi: Rodina Grand Hotel & Spa, ul. Grape, 33
  • Corner at the Marriott Grand Aurora Hotel: st. Petrovka, 11
  • Corner in the hotel National: st. Moss, 15/1
  • Corner in Marriott Sochi Krasnaya Polyana: Gorki Gorod City, nab. Seasons, 1