For the organization of excursions, please contact to Klevets Olga Georgievna any day from 11:00 to 16:00 on the phone +7 903 19-19-605.
The modern rhythm of the lifestyle has alienated man from living nature, deprived him of the opportunity to observe fauna. For many urban residents visiting the zoo is the only way to see wild and domesticated animals, learn about their habits and habitat. An excursion to the zoo of the “Saltykovsky” zoo-breeding “farm” will allow you and your children to get acquainted with its inhabitants, use their time and expand their horizons.

In the animal world. How do our animals live?

The zoo covers an area of about 3.5 hectares, horses, cows, turkeys, ponies, sheep and other domesticated animals and birds permanently live on its territory, as well as ostriches, peacocks, raccoons and arctic foxes that are exotic for our latitudes. Wild animals are also widely represented in the zoo: lynxes, sables, ferrets, raccoon dogs and foxes not only permanently reside in the animal farm, but also bring offspring — during the tour you will be able to see their young. Animals are placed in spacious enclosures, you can approach them close enough, however, in order to avoid accidents, you can move around the zoo on special tracks. Before the beginning of the excursion, all members of the group receive instructions on the rules of behaviour in the zoo, and the guide will be happy to answer all questions from visitors. “Saltykovsky” has been working for 87 years, breeding a fur-bearing animal. The zoo, created on the basis of breeding farm, is constantly evolving — the number of species of animals is increasing, exciting excursion programs are being created. A day spent at the zoo will be remembered to you and your children with a lot of positive impressions and bright emotions that our animals will give you.