Badger: new item in the catalog of Saltykovsky Fur Farm

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Badger: new item in the catalog of Saltykovsky Fur Farm
Have you long wanted to buy an unusual pet for your family or private zoo? Now at the Saltykovsky fur farm you can buy a healthy badger, ready to move into a new home.

Badger is a small mammal of the badger family of the family of fowl. The animal has an original coloration: its muzzle has two dark stripes stretching from its nose to its ears, while its back and sides are inconspicuous grayish. The animal is non-aggressive to humans and is omnivorous. Badgers are clean, quiet and peaceful and may be kept in cages at home or in private zoos. A pet living in a country house can be a great pet, a favorite of children and the rest of the family.

The badger for sale is an adult. The animal is fully healthy. In addition to badgers, you can buy other animals in our fur farm. A full list of animals, as well as recommendations for their care you will find in the relevant section of the catalog of our site.