Sale of young lynx

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Sale of young lynx
Lynx is a furbearing animal of the feline family, distinguished by its highly decorative coloration. In the "Saltykovsky" fur farm young lynx can be bought right now in order to breed animals for keeping in a private zoo in the future.

Lynx kittens were born in May and now the animals are for sale. The young lynx kittens from the spring litter have gained sufficient weight. Bobcat kittens are fully healthy and are distinguished by vitality, activity, good appetite. Experts of our farm will always give you advice on keeping the animals.

Bobcat kittens are sold at an affordable price, you can learn about the exact costs of young animals from our managers or in a special section of the catalog on the site.

Attention buyers!

Please pay your attention that keeping foxes and lynx gets under the Law of Russian Federation “On responsible treatment of animals and on making changes to certain legislative acts of Russian Federation” from 27.12.2018 № 498-ФЗ. Thus, when purchasing this type of animals, the Buyer must provide a permit for keeping, or a license for keeping and using animals in zoos, zoos, circuses, zoo-theaters, dolphinariums, and aquariums in accordance with Federal Law № 99-FZ “On licensing certain types of activities” dated May 4, 2011.