Sale of young minks

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Sale of young minks
Everybody who wants to buy healthy, vigorous young breeding mink can do it now! Young mink pups, which appeared in our fur farm in April and May, have already grown strong enough and gained weight and are ready to move to their new homes.

Saltykovsky farm does not only breed fur-bearing animals for their valuable fur, but also does selection and breeding work over many years, offering our customers mink cubs for breeding. With us you can buy young mink of the most popular breeds – “Silver-blue” and “Scan Black”. Animals of these breeds are distinguished by rare natural color, high density of undercoat, special brilliance, elasticity and homogeneity of fur.

Breeding females who give birth are kept in separate cages in ideal conditions, and constant veterinary supervision guarantees excellent health of young animals. Mink pups gain weight quickly, and can be purchased both for breeding for furbearers and for keeping in a zoo. Actual prices of mink pups are shown in our catalog, and our specialists are always ready to answer the questions about keeping the animals.