Are the splits and fractures on the fur defect?

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Are the splits and fractures on the fur defect?
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When choosing a fur coat, it is important to inspect the product carefully and evaluate not only the style, but also the quality of the fur plates. What should you do if you find cracks or breaks on the fur during the inspection? Is it a defect and a sign of poor quality raw materials? These questions will be answered by a professional fur technologist.

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What you see in the photo is a specific feature of natural fur. And the thicker the fur and thicker the fur, the more pronounced this effect will be. The splits of fur are explained by its structure: the thick undergrowth grows perpendicular to the mesdre and keeps this condition in any position. High-quality fur is plastic and easily forms folds: in the formation of a fold part of the pile will be directed in one direction, part – in the other. This explains the fact that you will not find any splits on the flat, smooth surface of the fur plate.
Fractures and splits are most evident on the fur with a thick underfur, but poor quality, “liquid” fur, on the contrary, is less responsive to movement. The effect of splitting is more noticeable on a fur garment of light shades, as well as in the case if the approach and the axial hair of the skin differ in tone. On dark and dyed fur raw materials, splits and breaks are practically not observed.
It is also worth saying that the effect of a break is often found in products sewn “in dissolution”: it is associated with the technology of cutting and processing of fur plates, and does not affect the properties of finished clothing. In addition, the splits become more pronounced and noticeable if the fur is caught and requires dry cleaning. If you wear a coat for several seasons, it is enough to clean its fur, and the product will regain its original appearance.